The compact solution for cash management

Cashkeeper compact solution Species Management Automated management
of your cash drawer.

  • The till always tallies.
  • No more thefts or robberies.
  • It will check the authenticity of banknotes and coins and make change for you.
  • Efficient and secure system from the health point of view.
  • The ideal system of cash management for your business. No more cash errors with cashKeeper. All tickets are checked accepted.
  • A smart solution to guard against theft.
  • Easy integration 32.5 cm x 37.5 cm x 47.5 cm
  • Can support any program that works with Windows IOS via USB.

Cashkeeper on vidéo

The components of cashkeeper:

Num Explications
1 Opening the door "V" for easy access to components.
2 Hinge opening
3 Validator currencies
4 Recycler currencies
5 Secure recipe currencies
6 Note validator and recycler
7 Secure notes recipe
8 inside bolt.