Sokei presents its Health point:

For use by health professionals, pharmacists, physicians, medical offices, health centers, dispensaries, clinics, hospitals, but also gyms, fitness etc ...


point santé dans une pharmacie


Our HEALTH POINT is a true OBD approved device that enables in very little time (about 2 minutes) to control weight, height, blood pressure, and analyze heart rate and calculate fat index and the body's mass index (weight / height 2).


Description Point Health:

The Health Point has the most modern electronic technology with SMD components. It has a CE0318 approval, it is made in Europe with the ISO9015 standard.

This equipment, which measures weight, height, fat index and blood pressure, his very easy to handle and very ergonomic, thanks to visual and voice guidance.

Health point can work with coins, tokens, and with a smart card system.

A ticket is issued to the user with the measurement result.

And when using the smart card, it also prints a second report of the last 20 measurements to control their evolution.



Health point on Télé Matin, France 2

Technical characteristics:

  • Weight + Height + Ticket: ~ 20 sec.
  • Weight + Height + Body fat + Ticket: ~ 40 sec.
  • Weight + Height + Blood pressure + Ticket: ~ 90 sec.
  • Weight + Height + Blood pressure + Body fat + Ticket: ~ 110 sec.
  • Supply: 220-240 V / 50 Hz.
  • Consumption: 0,160 A @ 230 V.
  • Main fuse: 2 A.
  • Width: 36 cm.
  • Depth: 58 cm.
  • Height: 220 cm.
  • Weight: from 40 to 55 kg according to versions.

the maximum height: 210 cm.

Weight sensor: until 300 kg.