Sokei Health

Over 23 years of service to prevention!

The company Sokei Health quickly became leader in the market, sell, lease, or provision of equipment to OBD coin ...

Sokei Health took part in numerous trade shows, exhibitions, forums and fairs in Europe, overseas' territories, Madagascar, North Africa, West, East, Central and South America allowed him to extend our awareness .

The company is also present at the PHARMAGORA event that takes place in PARIS annually since 1993. It is number one in France, overseas' territories, and across Africa.

It continues to grow by offering to professionals and public a highly sophisticated self-diagnostic device, called " HEALTH POINT " which is huge success.

It is represented in many countries and is renowned for it's efficiency and serious in providing installations and maintenance partners, aswell as customer service network.

Sokei Health also helps you in your daily management:

With automatic cash drawer Cashkeeper, you don't have any counterfeits , cash mistakes, robbery and you always know what you have in your cash drawers in a single click.